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Michael Strong, Investor, 2015

Bob Haywood is arguably the world's most experienced free zone consultant. He was involved in developing many of the world's leading free zones.”

Therenna Reeves, Legal Director, National Investment Commission, Liberia, 2015

“Thank you [Community Matters] so much for such great work done in such a short time. Refer to yourself as an SEZ Lawyer.”

Donald Keesing, Former Senior Economics, World Bank.  

“If you want to know anything about zones, Bob Haywood is the only person to call.”

Incorporated in 1986, the small boutique corporation of Community Matters, Inc. realized that the lessons learned in attracting industrial development or new employment opportunities to struggling small communities in the United States shared striking similarities to the efforts many countries had undertaken to simply create more job opportunities.  Both small towns and developing countries have used various forms of economic zones such as enterprise zones, industrial parks, special economic zones (SEZ), and foreign trade zones (FTZ), as well as a variety of incentives to leverage the unique characteristics of place to create an attractive business environment for investors, developers and residents.   In 2010, Community Matters, Inc. hired Bob Haywood as corporate Vice President and shareholder, thereby incorporating the knowledge and skills he acquired in decades of work as President of International Parks, Inc. and Director of the World Economic Zones Association within Community Matters.

​​The concept behind the expanded services of Community Matters, Inc., is to combine the efforts of the two principals, Cole and Haywood to create ‘Communities of Opportunity.’  Often referred to as the ‘Cambridge twins’ given their respective advanced degrees from Harvard University and MIT, the principals strive to create an environment that is conducive to creating sustainable economies that are woven into the fabric of the community through the creation of multi-purposed economic zones that can support broad-based job creation and growth.

Bob Haywood is recognized as one of the top Free Trade Zone (FTZ) advisors in the world.  He has helped FTZ’s find their special marketing niche, resulting in thousands of new jobs.


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Ermal Frasheri, Legal Advisor, Ministry of Economic Development, Albania, 2015.

“You guys [Barb & Bob] are heroes at the Ministry. :)

I was there yesterday helping to summarize a few statutes for the Minister's trip to the Gulf states and I talked with a couple advisors and they were in full admiration for the way you both have helped and particularly the way Bob handled the negotiations with the Ministry of Finance on Friday.”

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