Recent State or National Conference Presentations 


  • "Compatible Infill in Historic Areas" 
  • "Digital Tools for Design Review"  
  • ​"Digital Tools for Placemaking" ​
  • "Preservation, Economics and Placemaking"​
  • ​"Renewing Downtown by Preserving Its Past"​
  • "Tools for Design Review"
  • "Tools for Design Review in Historic Downtowns"​

Why Community Matters.  ​

Our plans and graphics are created by the same certified planners and architects who do the planning. Our maps and drawings provide the needed visual information while striving to keep costs down. We provide standalone services as well as incorporating visual communication and placemaking in all our work.Type your paragraph here.

Urban Design & Historic Preservation

Downtown plans and streetscape design benefit from graphics that help citizens understand the project, such as the importance of pedestrian amenities. Our work for the National Trust, Colorado’s Main Street Program, and individual Colorado communities focuses on saving place.

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Our documents combine text, graphics, and layout to better present a project, code or plan. We also produce  smaller documents, such as survey results or information sheets regarding the potential development of a property.

GIS Mapping

Using GIS, we enhance a map by connecting features on the map to databases that contain information about the feature, such as a subidvision plat or an ordinance approving the zoning of a property. Many communities hire us to convert information on existing maps to digital content.

Visual Communication & Placemaking

Visual Communication.

Visual communication is essential for any community project. We provide these services for clients that have a specific need or for community plans, land development codes, or downtowns. We utilize ArcMap for GIS mapping, SketchUp, Illustrator, InDesign and AutoCAD or can sketch up a concept in real time for public meetings.

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Barb Cole has always said the community is the expert. Our job is to take the unique characteristics of place and find ways to strengthen the connection citizens feel with their community. This approach ensures economic resiliency. Visual images are key to making this connection.

Sketching & Rendering

We incorporate sketches into plans, codes and other documents, as well as illustrating key concepts in public meetings. We create the images both by hand and by computer.